Security is one of the most sensitive areas in day to day activities. Whether individual, home, or corporate, security plays a vital role in an individual and society level. We all do to our best–everything we can to ensure there is security.

Security companies are a growing part of the industry and thrive depending on their quality of services and the massive demand for security. Every request has different needs and specifications, and it is up to us to evaluate the types of services we seek from security companies. As the owner of one of the top security companies in Houston, I see this on a daily basis.

Security Guard Services

This service is one of the most commonly offered and also popularly solicited services of a security company. When security comes to mind, the first thoughts are of retaining security guards from a company. Apart from having security guards, you may choose other specific attributes like CPR and first aid guards, alarm and fire response guards, combat-trained guards, etc. A company may present you with various packages, and you pick the security guards that work best for your circumstances.

Surveillance Devices

As technology advances, security measures have become more sensitive and prompt for counteractive remedies. Surveillance devices are an additional service by security companies. Apart from the known surveillance gadgets like home alarm systems and CCTV cameras, security firms have now incorporated more sophisticated gadgets and software to monitor premises from a mobile phone or computer system with options to track, back up, and retrieve data recorded.

Patrol Services

Apart from stationed guards, there is an option to acquire patrol guards. These guards have training and experience in covering large areas in specific intervals well-crafted to avoid loopholes. Patrolling services are recommendations for clients with prominent residential places, a community or commercial complexes.

Crisis Management

A security company may choose to offer crisis management services after acquiring authorization from the appropriate office. Crisis management services by trained personnel who specialize in a specified area are a plus. For example, a client may need guards who know how to handle industrial conflicts, strikes, fire, terrorist attacks, or bad weather. This personnel knows how best to handle an occurrence and the correct protocol to follow to avoid aggravating the situation.

Specialized Services

These services are customized and tailored for a specific business type or client. The company offers a deal that suits a particular industry and couples a few things into one package. For example, for those in money lending business, security may put together a biometric system, a guard station, surveillance, and safe protection package for the client. A security firm will come up with different special services for various industries, from construction to healthcare. This kind of services vary and are always open to alteration to meet client needs.

Guard Dogs

Some setups will require a guard dog for security. The already trained guard dogs come with a trained guard dog handler with options to have GPS and body-worn cameras. Guard dogs are a good option because; they are cheaper to hire, can run faster, have a heightened sense of smell, and four times better hearing compare to men. However, you can also get a trained dog without a full-time handler for house security.

Training and Assessment

Security firms offer training as an independent package for people with personnel and equipment. The firm takes the untrained people through a thorough training program to make sure they are capable of handling possible security breaches that may occur depending on the nature of the area. They further offer new gadgets that may be necessary, like radios and surveillance equipment.

Security companies offer different services and even go the extra mile to do a security assessment to determine the best services to provide to their clients. There is a long list of additional protection that may come with a service, and the prices vary depending on the package.

Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson is the owner of International Guard Services in Houston, TX. He is a former law enforcement officer, with experience in security and investigations.
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