If you are looking to get permanent makeup in DC, you now have a new option, as Perfection Permanent Makeup has moved their location to Bethesda, MD. But why get permanent makeup?

Life has become very fast. It is as if you open your eyes in the morning and sit on a bullet train that takes you through the household chores and your job and finally drops you home at night. Even when you attend parties or need to go on a date, you hardly have time to apply the makeup as you want. This can be quite frustrating because looking good is crucial to creating an impression on people. So, the advent of permanent makeup, especially permanent eyeliner, has become very popular among women. It saves so much time and effort because you don’t have to think of applying the eyeliner if you are in a car that is jerking too much, and you have to keep your hands steady.

How Permanent Eyeliner Works

It takes a lot of time to apply the eyeliner properly and you have to smudge it off if you don’t like it. In fact, general eyeliners tend to smudge off after a few hours and that may not make you look the way you want to. So, a permanent outliner can work wonders to the way you look. The concept of permanent outliner is also known as tattooed makeup because the technique is quite similar to what is followed when you get a tattoo done. There will be a needle that will apply the desired color on your eye-line. The color pigment that is used will be deposited on the first few layers of the skin. This allows the color to stick on to your skin for years. That is why it is known as permanent eyeliner.


The main difference between the inks that are used in the tattoos and the ones that are used for permanent outlines is the metal content in the ink. Eyeliner inks do not have a high metal content as the tattoo inks. Before you go for a permanent eyeliner procedure, you will be asked not to have any medicine or food that will make your blood thinner three days prior to the treatment. You may be advised to avoid stuff like fish oils, some vitamins, and aspirin so that you don’t bleed while the procedure is taking place.

Those who are planning to get a Botox shot around the area of their eyes need to get that done before the permanent eyeliner is applied. The area needs to heal completely, and you must give it at least two weeks before getting the permanent eyeliner done. However, if you are pregnant or just had recent surgery or suffering from any other illness, it will be best not to opt for this procedure immediately. Also, if you wear contact lenses, you need to keep them away when the technician is at work.

Why Get Permanent Eyeliner

There are two main benefits when it comes to getting a permanent outliner done: first, you will not have to apply the eyeliner manually because you will already have it according to the way you like it and second, you will be able to save so much time. Applying an eyeliner requires steady hands and if you are in a car or traveling somewhere, it may not be possible to have such steady hands. Those who have got the Parkinson’s disease are hugely benefited with permanent eyeliners. Not just Parkinson’s patients, those who impaired motor skills or are physically disabled will find this technique to be very useful for them.

So, if you want to have sharp eyes all the time, you can quickly get a permanent eyeliner to serve your cause. The costs are affordable, and the procedure is not too painful.